Bloomberg Moderator: Intrapreneurship

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It was a real treat to recently serve as moderator for a Bloomberg panel on intrapreneurship.

Bloomberg is, in many respects, the original startup — founded by Michael Bloomberg and his three partners in 1981; together they built the first computer that would soon revolutionize the financial services industry — providing real-time financial analytics to Wall Street firms.

Intrapreneurship is all about bringing innovation and an entrepreneurial contribution to your own company or organization.  It was only fitting that, in a company like Bloomberg, where the culture is open and non-hierarchical; illuminated fish tanks on all floors embody the spirit of transparency, and everything employees do is with an agile mindset, that Bloomberg featured this topic on center stage at their 731 Lexington Avenue Headquarters.  (Check out the office here)

Some highlights shared by the panelists and “live tweeted” during the session include:

– MAPS<GO> recently featured on 60 Minutes

– How leaders set a culture of innovation to make intrapreneurs thrive

– How to handle setbacks

– What it takes to prove your idea via prototyping

– BEING in an intrapreneur — importance of collaboration, how to build influence, and “doing it on top of the day job”